The Giant of the Seas

When you think of giants of the seas people often think of Whales with their beautiful sound and majestic qualities. However, we have some manmade giants of the sea as well. Let’s take a look at some of these leviathans.

Harmony of the Seas

A Royal Caribbean International ship built in 2016 it is 1,188.1 feet long with 2,747 rooms and a maximum capacity of 6,687 people. It is the largest of the current cruise ships. It sails around the Caribbean and cost an estimated $1.35billion (US).

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It has 43 categories of staterooms available ranging from small occupancy to the “Royal Class” suites. Whilst the location may be somewhat sunnier there is also a large selection of equally luxurious Serviced Apartment Birmingham that provide similar luxury to those staying closer to home. Take a look at for more information

In order to make the ship easier to walk around they have created seven neighbourhoods including Central Park and Boardwalk. It boasts an impressive list of amenities:

  • Spa and fitness centre
  • Water play for young children
  • A water slide complex
  • A dry slide complex
  • 4 swimming pools and 10 hot tubs
  • Zip line
  • Casinos and games bars
  • Ice rink
  • Theatre and bars
  • 20 different dining experiences
  • Promenade with shopping mall
  • Central park style area

It is basically a world on the water maintain by a crew of 2,300 individuals covering everything from mechanics to hairdressers and catering staff.

Oasis of the Seas

This is the second largest cruise liner and is also owned by Royal Caribbean International and was built in 2009. It is 1,187 feet long with 2,742 rooms and a maximum capacity of 6,780 passengers. It also sails around the Caribbean and is the sister ship to Harmony of the Seas.

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It also has an equally impressive list of amenities including zip wire, pools, miniature golf, night clubs, bars and restaurants. It is managed by its impressive crew list of 2,394.

Allure of the Seas

This ship is in joint second place and again is owned by Royal Caribbean International. This ship was built in 2010 and is exactly the same size and parameters as the Oasis. It also has 16 passenger decks and a crew of 2,384.

MSC Meraviglia

Is the first non-Royal Caribbean cruise chip to make the list. In their place it is the youngest having been built in 2017. It is 1,033 feet in length with 2,250 staterooms and a maximum capacity of 5,714 passengers. This ship sails around the Mediterranean and has a crew of 1,536.

Now these ships may not have the beautiful song of the whales but their beauty and grace in the water is a feat of human engineering.