The Ethiopian Omo Valley region is packed full with many of the most fascinating tribal villages in Africa.

The Ethiopian Omo Valley region is packed full with many of the most fascinating tribal villages in Africa. A standard tour here, will just not do. Being such a feast for the eyes, there just has to be a lot of photography done, to come away with lasting memories. The answer to this comes in the form of an Omo valley tours. The tour combines a trip to the Omo Valley, along with providing an acclaimed photographer to tag along with the group and assist in finding and taking quality pictures. In just an average of a 2 week period, guests will cover the length of the Omo Valley and visit all of the major tribes located in the area, along with learning and mastering the art of taking a good photo. For the Omo valley tours, we land in the entry city of Addis Ababa and then make the short hour long journey into the noted area. From here, we make our way through the valley, starting up north and making our way down. We start with the Mursi tribe. It is one of the highlights of the Omo valley tours as the women here are known worldwide for their wearing of lip plates to enhance their beauty and status within the tribe. As amazing as their jewellery and body painting aspects are, time is also set aside here to actually spend some time with the Mursi people and learn how they have adapted to the harsh lands.

On a visit to the Hamar tribe, we might be lucky enough to witness the heart stopping bull jumping ceremony which is a ceremonial rite of passage for young men. Before and after sees a whole lot of celebrations. We are invited to it all, but never forget to keep the camera moving as these provide some of the most wanted shots of the Omo valley tours. Market day at the Dorze tribe is always a welcome venture. While photographic scope is boundless here, we often forget about it as we marvel at the many things to buy and eat. It is a remote region and as such English is not the main medium. With the Omo valley tours though, this is not a problem as the tour guide is there to make the liaising much easier, along with being a wealth of knowledge on the area and the many different tribes and their diverse nature. They do create a very enlightening adventure during the Omo valley tours. The task of the photography guide on the tour is to teach participants the basics of using a camera and then gradually bringing about your more advanced picture taking techniques as the tour progresses. This is why it does not really matter if you have prior skills in it, as the tour does provide a lot of lead way. For those who are a bit more involved, the Omo valley tours, provides a photographer with years of field experience which can be used to up the skills level.