Custom private tours are those holiday packages that have been totally shaped by a traveller

Custom private tours are those holiday packages that have been totally shaped by a traveller with all of the actual work in organizing those details going to a tour company. The normal components of a holiday tour are your accommodation, transportation, food, excursions and guides. The problem with these packages is that they come already planned and you will just have to go along with what is offered when you book into them. With custom private tours, you get to say what you want out of each of these components. Taking a further look at them would mean the following.

For accommodation, tour companies usually go for something in between to have a broader appeal to a wider range of people. With custom private tours, you would choose accommodation settings according to your preference and budget. Exceptions are to be made in certain places such as only having access to campsites in remote areas.


Transportation on custom private tours are much more varied and they do affect the outcome of the trip as well. For instance, private charter planes are not normally included on tours unless it is the only means of getting to a place. They are expensive but cut travel time down to a fraction. Normal tours will not include flights to and from the destination country. On custom private tours, you can request that this be done and included in the final package. More than likely, you would get a good deal on them.

Food on tours is diverse so that guests get to partake in local cuisine. This does remain the same on custom private tours though you would have an easier time if you have dietary restrictions.

Excursions are the holy grail of holiday tours. This is the point where exploration of this new land is done. Activities are also done in this period. If you do feel that you would enjoy some particular factor a lot then this can be scheduled for a lot more time on custom private tours for your enjoyment. Often used avenues include bird watching and photography. The great thing about custom private tours in this instance is that you can plan for the trip to be done with people who are on the same level as you in these areas and then have a sort of ebb and flow that is coherent with the entire group. This really is not the case on a normal holiday tour package where there are various levels of skill and the group is never on the same page.

The guide is a solid fixture on holiday tour packages. They are the reason many people even scramble to book into tours. It is because of the skill set and backup that they bring to the table, in an unknown land. On custom private tours there is the option to add other guides to the package. This could be a birding guide or a photography guide for instance.

Custom private tours do not need to be a costly affair. Just look up a reputable company and place forth your requests for an obligation free quote.